He's Lord Zhi Li, by Angelina.

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He's Lord Zhi Li, by Angelina. He's Lord Zhi Li, by Angelina.

"Why are you here?" Cobb didn't know what expression to use to deal with it for a moment, and he was a little embarrassed. A little worried about how you're doing at your new school, so check it out. "Oh, yeah?"? I'm fine. The woman handed Cobb the paper bag in her hand. "I bought you some clothes on the way. Don't say no, unless you feel humiliated by my money.". I can't stay longer. I just took half a day off. I came to see you and I'm leaving. Cobb took the paper bag. "Well, thank you." The woman smiled gently and stretched out her slender fingers to help Cobb fix his wrinkled collar. Such an intimate gesture in front of everyone made Cobb a little embarrassed, but his body stood still. Then I'll go first. Remember to have a good meal and call me occasionally no matter what happens. "I know." Cobb looked at the woman's figure with a complicated expression, hesitated for a moment, and suddenly called the woman: "Road, be careful on the road." The woman opened her red lips lightly and smiled contentedly. "Should I be happy that you care so much about me?" Cobb blushed with embarrassment like a child at the woman's teasing. As soon as he stepped into the classroom with the bag, many people in the class cast malicious eyes. Cobb intentionally or unintentionally looked at the branch, he just one hand holding his chin in the lecture, no other expression, noticed Cobb's line of sight just after the side of the head to meet Cobb's eyes,wholesale plastic pallet, Cobb slanted his head to avoid. The mobile phone in the drawer had already vibrated and almost fell to the ground, and the public punishment and Chu Haoyu in the group had already begun to bombard. Cobb, who was that? Gong Zhu asked. In order to convey like three people in other classes, Chu Haoyu even sent the photos he had just taken secretly to the group. It's so treacherous to hide such a beautiful girlfriend! You don't need to look at Chu Haoyu's face to know how indignant he is. [Eh? Don't you know?] Cobb and I were in the same class for only one year in high school. People like me, who are always illuminated by the goddess's breasts, don't have the leisure to pay attention to the psychological darkness like Cobb. It turns out that Cobb likes this type of young woman. Ying Xiujie also chimed in. [The unexpected taste is heavy.] I thought Cobb was a person who saw through the world of mortals and had no positive thoughts about the world at all. I didn't think there was such a side. It was too much to tell me. He is cynical because he doesn't see through the world of mortals. Cobb's hand holding the phone was shaking. What was going on with this series of comments. Cobb didn't want to talk about women,drum spill containment, and he didn't want anyone else to talk about it. What is it like for you to fight in groups. Is there anything I need to face life positively? Just make sure I don't die. You are so boring. Don't you miss the soft touch of holding a woman's chest with your hands? [It will droop one day.] Stop. Don't make me picture this. I can't take it. The teacher on the platform coughed lightly: "Cobb, you don't want to go to class, don't affect the people next to you, I can't control other classes, but please try not to play with your mobile phone in my class." Cobb awkwardly put his hand back in the drawer, thinking that as long as he didn't play with his mobile phone, his grades would go up in a straight line. At the end of the class, the teacher clapped his hands and began to order matters: "There are still ten days to go before the National Day. Although our school is very strict with the study of the university, it also pays attention to the festive atmosphere. Your class guide explained that there are some word boards and pendants that need to be decorated in the classroom. Is there anyone who takes the initiative to take over this matter?" People in the class, you look at me, plastic wheelie bins ,collapsible pallet box, I look at you, who will take the initiative, the next is a fool. Since there is no one, you can come to Cobb. This is nothing short of vicious revenge. Cobb nodded stiffly, then pressed his face against the table and squeezed it out of shape. When the bell rang, the students began to rush out of the door with their books in their arms. Cobb stood on the platform and looked at Chu Haoyu with an expression of adding insult to injury. Zhi Li was behind him. When he passed in front of him, Cobb reached out and grabbed Zhi Li's clothes. Zhi Li turned around. Cobb lowered his head. "You help, too." Zhi Li did not speak, and finally, there were only two people left in the classroom. Cobb dropped the hand that held Zhi Li and said, "What's the quid pro quo this time?" Zhi Li went over and picked up the word board on the platform, then dragged a stool casually, stood up and pasted the first word board on the top of the blackboard: "No need." Cobb looked up at Zhi Li's back, clean canvas shoes, sleeves pulled up to his wrists, and hair between his necks. It's really rare to let you help me without the exchange of equal value. Do you know how hard I worked to repay the debt I owed you before? I paid it off, but I owed it again unconsciously. "Next one." Zhi Li held out his hand, and Cobb handed the second word board to Zhi Li. You don't know how much those animals in the group have said about me, and you can see it. Cobb is looking for a topic at random. I don't know. I blocked the group. "What's the point of joining the group?!!" Then neither of them spoke, and when it was almost finished, Cobb said, "I'll do the next little thing, and let you do it all by yourself. Even people like me will find it hard to get through. It's getting late. You go back first." Cobb did not look at Zhi Li, there was no movement behind him, and when he turned around again, he had not seen Zhi Li's figure. He lost a little bit and grabbed Cobb's heart. He shook his head and continued to be busy. When it was all done, Cobb exhaled, wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve, and walked back to his seat to take the book back to the bedroom. Suddenly, he froze in place, his stunned expression stopped on his face. Zhi Li was lying asleep in the corner of the last row. The wind blowing in from the window blew up the curtains and gently pressed close to Zhi Li's body. Cobb's mouth curved into a lovely arc. He went over and sat down in front of him. He also lay on the table with his chin on the back of his hand and looked at Zhi Li. Half an hour later, Zhi Li woke up, opened his eyes and looked up to see Cobb staring at him. Why haven't you left yet? Cobb asked lightly. Zhi Li reached for Cobb's forehead,wholesale plastic pallet, bent his thumb and middle finger, and flicked Cobb's forehead. "Because you want me to comfort you." Cobb wrinkled his nose and felt the pain on his forehead. "No, I didn't." 。 cnplasticpallet.com